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Strategy & Implementation

Strategy & Implementation

We are focussing at companies in special situations, eg restructuring need or succession problems, where we can identify potential for significant improvements. We hereby concentrate on companies in niche markets with an existing strong market position or at least the potential to achieve such a position.

Our assets lie in our many years of experience, financial strength, human resources, our excellent network, our speed, flexibility and our creativity in finding solutions. Our partners also value our confidentiality and media abstinence.

Guidelines for the Management of our Portfolio Companies:

  • Fair and partner-like cooperation with maximum delegation of responsibility to the operative management
  • Intensiv Support in the development and implementation of a growth-oriented strategy
  • Minimal holding structure, development of competence-centers in the operative units 
  • Participation of the operative management in the success of its companies
  • No pre-defined exit-strategy, but focussing on the achievement of growth and earnings objecitves

Continuous strengthening of equity by means of:

  • Consistent reinvestment of cash-flows into growth- and rationalization projects
  • Application of a conservative valuation approach in he acquisition process, therefore little need of external funds
  • Restrictive dividend payout policiy

Possibility of the Involvement of Minority Shareholders in acquisitions, who can contribute to the success and who share our enthusiasm for growth.